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  • 14th Dec 2020

    Best enclosure or cubicle for your shower

    Whether you choose a separate shower enclosure or shower over the bath, the shower itself is often considered the focal point of the bathroom – the place to relax or to be revived. As a sensory sanctuary, there are many elements to think about, most of which; type of power, shower tray and shower head, has written about in previous blogs. This month the final part of the jigsaw, the type of enclosure or cubicle, is the subject of our blog.

  • 24th Nov 2020

    Bathroom installation – The basics

    Buying and fitting a new bathroom is a big decision and one that is key to get right first time. Mistakes can be expensive to put right so it is worthwhile putting in the legwork up front. It can be easy to spend plenty of time, money and resource on planning, choosing and purchasing the actual sanitaryware, however, sadly, the less glamorous part of the process – the installation – can often be overlooked and end up being fraught with problems.

  • 16th Nov 2020

    Best showerhead for your shower

    As mentioned previously, there are a lot of different components to consider when buying a new shower. In the last couple of blogs, we have looked at the different types of power options available - from digital to electric, mixer to power shower - plus the key things to consider when purchasing a shower tray; shape, size and material. The next element to focus on is the actual showerhead itself.

  • 26th Oct 2020

    Show off the downstairs cloakroom!

    Your downstairs toilet, or cloakroom, might well be the smallest room in the house, but it is probably seen by more visitors and guests to your home than your main bathroom.

    For many it’s a secondary space with most time and attention put into the designing and planning of the kitchen / dining area and lounge for entertaining guests, but the downstairs toilet, or cloakroom, is just as important and can be great fun to design and decorate. Rather than become a cluttered space which you would rather guests didn’t see, be proud of it and unleash your creativity!

  • 12th Oct 2020

    Best tray for your shower

    There are a lot of different components to consider when buying a new shower. In last month’s blog Bathroom-compare looked at the power options available from digital to electric, mixer to power shower. This month the shower tray is under scrutiny.

    Unless you are opting for an over-bath shower, you will need a shower tray or base, where water can drain away. Some are designed for use with enclosures, others are designed to lie flush with the floor for walk-in units.

  • 28th Sep 2020

    Best power for your shower

    A shower should be a sensory pleasure, to either revive or relax depending on your mood. Like a bath, your shower is often the focal point of your bathroom and comes in many shapes, sizes, and style. Finding the right shower can be tricky as there are many different components to think about from the type of shower itself to the shower tray, shower head and, of course, the style of enclosure. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions that need to be made as well as the wide range of choice available.

  • 14th Sep 2020

    Key ingredients for creating a rustic bathroom

    Whether you’re decorating a house in the country or just want to create the lived-in, feel of rustic décor, achieving this look is all about texture. Reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron are perfect. These natural, less polished materials provide a sense of craftsmanship and give a room an immediate sense of character. This is especially true in a bathroom, where you can make a big impact with just a few subtle elements.

  • 20th Aug 2020

    Heating your bathroom

    It’s a glorious summer’s day. The sun is shining. The windows are wide open. The last thing on your mind right now is how best to heat your bathroom! However, like so many home improvement projects, putting a little leg work in early on and doing the research will reap the benefits in the long run. Choose wisely and the right form of heating will not only keen you warm, but can also add interest to your bathroom, save you both space and money and could even provide extra storage space!

  • 9th Aug 2020

    Wonderous wet rooms

    Having become more popular in recent years, wet rooms are stylish, excellent for smaller spaces, ideal for those with accessibility issues and are easy to keep clean. As with any home improvement project, make sure you have completed some background research as there is plenty to bear in mind before embarking on the installation of a wet room. Hopefully, the following will help:

  • 23rd Jul 2020

    Key ingredients for creating a period bathroom

    Those living in a period property have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing interior style and design. While a contemporary and ultra-modern look can work well, most people tend to favour interior design that is sympathetic to the original building itself. However, a more traditional style is not exclusive to those living in period properties and Victorian or Edwardian styling can look stunning in newer builds.

  • 8th Jul 2020

    A guide to bathroom furniture

    Bathroom cabinets, floor-mounted units and vanity units are essential for storing towels and toiletries but more than simply adding practicality and convenience, bathroom furniture can also enhance the feel of the entire room by creating a harmonised and styled look.

    Start by measuring the space you have carefully and work out exactly where you want the furniture to go. Make sure you allow for the full opening of any drawers or doors and consider employing the services of a fitter or handyman if installing wall-mounted units.

  • 24th Jun 2020

    Buying a new bathroom (Part 2)

    Following on from Bathroom-compare’s previous blog, other key elements such as showers, lighting and the all-important toilet are covered this time. There is just as much to think about here when it comes to personal taste and budget as there is when considering luxurious baths and stylish wash basins.

  • 11th Jun 2020

    Buying a new bathroom (Part 1)

    Whether you are planning a stunning master ensuite, a practical family bathroom or a small downstairs cloakroom, a good bathroom design needs to balance function and style. There are many elements to consider throughout the buying process and plenty to think about when it comes to personal taste and budget.

  • 26th May 2020

    How to create your very own hotel-style bathroom

    We may not be able to go away and spend time relaxing and being pampered in a hotel right now but one thing we can do is sit at home and plan how to bring a touch of hotel luxury and elegance to our own homes.

  • 18th May 2020

    Best of the basins

    No bathroom is complete without its basin. As a key component of any bathroom, whether main , en-suite or cloakroom, the basin is no less important than the toilet, bath or shower and should be given the dutiful consideration it deserves – after all, it gets used multiple times a day by everyone in the household.

  • 27th Apr 2020

    4 key quality measures to look out for when buying sanitaryware

    Whether you are planning a luxurious master en-suite or super-practical family bathroom, making the right decision on purchasing your sanitaryware is key. After all the hard work that goes into designing, choosing and installing a new bathroom, the last thing you need (or your bank balance needs!) is to have to rip it out a couple of years down the line because you’re unhappy with the quality.

  • 17th Apr 2020

    Mindful Living

    While the actual refurbishment or installation of a new bathroom may not be top of mind during these unprecedented times, many of us have more time than usual on our hands which could be put to good use, amongst other things, to research a future bathroom project.

  • 23rd Mar 2020

    Think thoroughly through redesign before purchase

    Redesigning or refurbishing a bathroom is generally considered to be far more straightforward than undertaking a kitchen project. It is. However, that doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t put plenty of thought into the planning and design of your bathroom before you rush out and start purchasing your dream bath or favourite vanity unit.

    An efficient and well-thought-through bathroom is key to any home and considering all elements of the redesign before you begin will ensure a successful result and make the process as stress-free as possible.

  • 11th Mar 2020

    Essential, but never boring….toilets!

    Whilst you might be forgiven for thinking that a toilet is simply a toilet, think again! Toilets too come in an abundance of shapes and sizes. The toilet you choose will be determined by the amount of space you have, the style of your bathroom, and budget. Add in a wide range of toilet seats and flush panels and one thing is for sure - gone are the days of boring, standard toilets!

    For a contemporary bathroom, choose a close-coupled, back-to-wall, wall-hung, or corner toilet. Some are curvaceous, others have sharper outlines. A bathroom that is more traditional in style will work better with a toilet that has more intricate lines and design detail and one that will harmonise well with classic pedestal basins and roll-top baths. The toilet doesn’t need to match the other fittings but do think about creating a consistent feel to pull the look together.

  • 24th Feb 2020

    Bathing Beauties

    For those that love a bath, it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind. A bath is a very personal choice and comes in many shapes, sizes, lengths and styles.

  • 15th Feb 2020

    Adding colour to your bathroom

    Avocado, peach, and burgundy bathroom suites are long gone! For some time now the UK has been a nation of white bathroom lovers.

    Whilst all-white bathroom suites may be a safe option, they can all too easily look sterile and uninviting. As far as functionality is concerned, of course bathrooms are used first and foremost for personal hygiene and to store cleaning products and toiletries. However, a bathroom is more than that. It can be both an energising zone as well as a sanctuary – a space to get ready for the day ahead or to unwind and relax in the evening and therefore incorporating some colour is vital in ensuring that it is a place where you want to spend quality time.

  • 31st Jan 2020

    Ultimate Guide to small bathrooms

    Bathrooms can very often lack space especially in period properties. A lot of properties across the UK were built in the Victorian and Georgian-era and these are particularly prone to smaller bathrooms. Thankfully, over the years, designers and manufacturers have discovered ingenious ways of making the most of the space available. Below are a few of those ideas.

  • 21st Jan 2020

    Top tips for maximising bathroom storage space

    Whether you share a bathroom with others or have an entire bathroom to yourself, today’s consumers invest in more products, both personal hygiene as well as cleaning products, than ever before!

    Research has shown that, as a nation, we have less bathroom space than a decade ago and that the bathroom is viewed by many as their sanctuary – a private place to unwind and relax. With less space, more products and a desire to have an uncluttered retreat, the answer must lie in smart storage…

    So, whether you are updating your existing bathroom or planning a new space, here are some of our top tips for making the most of your new scheme and, most importantly, maximising your space.