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Best showerhead for your shower

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of different components to consider when buying a new shower. In the last couple of blogs, we have looked at the different types of power options available - from digital to electric, mixer to power shower - plus the key things to consider when purchasing a shower tray; shape, size and material. The next element to focus on is the actual showerhead itself.

Fixed showerheads are wall mounted and found in many homes the length and breadth of the UK. A standard single fixed showerhead has a slightly smaller head diameter, does not have any additional features, provides constant flow and is the most reasonably priced to install. A multi-function fixed showerhead on the other hand allows you to alter the spray pattern which can range from a gentle wide spray to a more concentrate massage style pattern.

Rain showerheads are essentially fixed as they are either wall or ceiling mounted. However, they have much larger heads, therefore provide a wider coverage and are designed to drench in seconds. The ceiling mounted option will require pipes to be run through the ceiling in the shower. If this poses a problem, a similar effect can be gained from using an overhead shower arm. The arms extend out from the shower wall so that you still get the rainfall effect directly overhead as if it is coming from the ceiling.

Hand-held showerheads are probably the most popular on the market as they are so versatile. They are usually sold in packs which include a detachable hose and holder to mount the showerhead. They can also be fitted to a slider rail, which means their height can be adjusted easily.

You get all of the freedom to leave the showerhead in place, like a fixed shower head, or you can take it off the wall to rinse soap off your body, shampoo out of your hair or wash down the walls. These showerheads are also perfect for washing younger children kids or for the elderly who may need to sit on a shower bench as they can simply take the showerhead off the wall and control where the water goes.

Dual showerheads may be the answer for those finding it hard to decide when it comes to choosing a showerhead - whether to get a hand-held or rainfall one. Choosing a dual showerhead means you do not have to make a choice. With one of these you can easily choose the mode you wish to have and reach all the parts of the head, body or walls you wish to reach. The key thing to check before installing is, if you want to run both at the same time, can you – this is not always the case.

Finally, the low water pressure showerhead, which as the name suggests, can work in conditions of low water pressure efficiently. These showerheads make the most of the water pressure available whilst ensuring you have a good shower. If you invest in the best you can afford, you should save on your water bill.

16th Nov 2020