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We all know that the main function of a bathroom is for personal hygiene and to store cleaning products and toiletries. However, more than that, a bathroom can be both an energising zone as well as a sanctuary – a space to get ready for the day ahead or to unwind and relax in the evening. But what about the practical functions of each of the various elements of your new bathroom such as basins baths, showers and toilets?


From pedestal sinks with a retro feel to more contemporary designs, there are plenty of options to choose from. Choose the type, size and material that best suits your needs. Classic wash basins come in a range of materials including ceramic, stainless steel, stone, resin and composite materials while polished concrete, granite, marble and glass are also used for contemporary basins.


Baths are often the focal point of a bathroom and come in many shapes, sizes and styles. The most important decision is style as this will influence the entire bathroom but choosing the right one can feel overwhelming so it’s worth putting in a little extra thought up front – who will be using the bath? Do they like to sit up and read or lie down and soak? Will it be used for young children? What space is available?

Furniture & Vanity Units

Bathroom cabinets, floor-mounted and vanity units are essential for storing towels and toiletries but more than simply adding practicality and convenience, bathroom furniture can also enhance the feel of the entire room. Whether built-in, freestanding or wall mounted, bathroom furniture is usually manufactured from natural wood, MDF or melamine but can also be made from rattan, wrought iron or glass.

Showers & Enclosures

A shower should be a sensory pleasure, to either revive or relax depending on your mood. Like a bath, your shower is often the focal point of your bathroom and comes in many shapes, sizes and style – whether you choose a digital, electric, mixer, power or eco shower. Shower cubicles or enclosures, however, are made of the same component parts; a ceramic or acrylic tray, acrylic or glass walls, sliding, pivoting or swinging doors, conventional or thermostat-controlled mixer taps, shower head, supporting rail and hose and of course, plughole grate. Plenty to get your head around!

Toilets & Seats

Toilets come in an abundance of shapes and sizes, from the conventional close-coupled toilet to the wall hung, the back to wall toilet to the high level. The toilet type you choose will be determined by various factors - the amount of space you have, the style of your bathroom, and budget. Add in a wide range of toilet seats and flush panels, one thing is for sure - gone are the days of boring, standard toilets!

Wet Rooms

Becoming more popular in recent years, the true definition of a wet room is a fully water-tight bathroom with no separate shower tray. The shower area is usually level with the surrounding floor but with a slight slope to the drain which is fitted directly into the floor. Wet rooms not only increase your bathroom design options but are excellent for smaller spaces, ideal for those with accessibility issues, are easy to keep clean and above all, look great!


Finishing touches are what really makes a bathroom design unique - and adding bathroom accessories is one of the best ways to do this. With just a few key accessories your bathroom can be transformed. Accessories are also a way of adding personal touches to the smallest yet most well used room in the house – whether a stunning mirror, colourful towels or well-designed cabinet, accessories can make your bathroom feel spacious, luxurious and relaxing.

What's Next?

Bathroom fashion can change quickly. Understandably everyone likes to think they have chosen a new bathroom that will look as good in ten years as it does today. Here we consider the latest trends and show you that whatever your taste, budget or space constraints, there are designs and accessories that are going to be perfect for you.