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Adding colour to your bathroom

Avocado, peach, and burgundy bathroom suites are long gone! For some time now the UK has been a nation of white bathroom lovers.

Whilst all-white bathroom suites may be a safe option, they can all too easily look sterile and uninviting. As far as functionality is concerned, of course bathrooms are used first and foremost for personal hygiene and to store cleaning products and toiletries. However, a bathroom is more than that. It can be both an energising zone as well as a sanctuary – a space to get ready for the day ahead or to unwind and relax in the evening and therefore incorporating some colour is vital in ensuring that it is a place where you want to spend quality time.

Below are some easy ways to add colour while leaving the space feeling clean and well put together.

Pack a punch with paint

Practically speaking, paint is the simplest and most affordable way to add a large punch of colour to a space. Select the shade you want first and then build the rest of the room’s colour scheme around it.

Add an accent wall

If the idea of adding colour to the entire room feels a bit too much, just add colour to one wall. The key here is to pick the right wall to be your showpiece — you want one with a strong focal point or the one that’s directly across from the door.

Colourful Tiles / Splashbacks

The “less is more” approach works well here. Gone are the days of covering the entire room in tiles. Contemporary bathrooms use colourful tiles or a splashback to draw attention to a focal point. Use tiles in a spa-like rainforest shower or a splashback behind your vanity or along the bath.

Bold baths

Add impact by installing a colourful bath. Choose from a variety of materials such as copper or painted porcelain, but whichever you choose be sure to select a hue that you’ll be happy with for a long time to come. If the bath is your focal point be careful not to overdo the use of colour elsewhere

Focus on Floor Coverings

A bath-mat or area rug can infuse colour into the space and also has a functional purpose in bathrooms that include a bath or shower. Choose a colour that ties in with the rest for a truly cohesive look.

Detailed decor

One common misconception is that since bathrooms are often smaller than the other spaces in your home, you don’t need to worry about decorative items. The opposite is true. A few well-placed decorative items are the secret to making this space feel truly pulled together. Towels, candles, baskets or decorative display shelves are the best way to achieve this.

Go for greenery

If all else fails, incorporate a little colour from nature. Whether real or synthetic, colourful or simply green, a few plants can go a long way to add that pop of colour into your bathroom.

15th Feb 2020