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Key ingredients for creating a rustic bathroom

Whether you’re decorating a house in the country or just want to create the lived-in, feel of rustic décor, achieving this look is all about texture. Reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron are perfect. These natural, less polished materials provide a sense of craftsmanship and give a room an immediate sense of character. This is especially true in a bathroom, where you can make a big impact with just a few subtle elements.

Because it can be unusual to see anything but gleaming tiles and furniture in a bathroom, adding a single shelf made of wood or an antique ladder used as towel rack makes it an immediate focal piece. Decorative beams, a reclaimed wood accent wall, or heavy wrought-iron hardware also provide that instant wow factor. Just be careful when it comes to lighting. Natural materials, with their rougher textures, don’t bounce as much light as polished surfaces and this can make a room seem dark, especially if it’s not very big. Keep things light and bright – paint walls white or off-white, use whitewash on reclaimed wood, and ensure there are plenty of lighting options - above the mirror, in the shower, floor level and wall hung.

Introduce a rustic looking mirror. A mirror that is framed with weathered wood that resembles a traditional window box is a great place to store your toiletries and perfumes. Alternatively, mix rustic with modern by hanging a mirror with roughed up charm to an otherwise modern and new bathroom. The choice of lighting fixtures and the slab countertop further connect this rustic feel in a modern way.

Black wrought iron provides a solid foundation for holding thick wooden shelves in place and at the same time gives an eclectic yet rustic feel to this wall space while providing a practical way to display and store key bathroom items.

Similarly, a wooden ladder shelf is a fantastic way to organize items in your bathroom. One shelf for spare toilet rolls, add scented candles, small house plants, a few hand towels and some decorative glass jars and you’ve completed the look of your wooden ladder wall shelf.

Another way to introduce a rustic feel to your bathroom is through herringbone flooring. Although a little more expensive, hardwood floors are durable, look amazing, and last for years so are a solid investment. A rich brown wood makes a great contrast with pale grey and white decor. Keeping the decorations to a minimum is a perfect way to make this an elegant, rustic space.

Rustic bathroom decor can add a lot of interest in small bathrooms too. A reclaimed towel rail with a simple antique iron handle, for example, stands out on a white, textured wall. A vintage-looking metal shelf with scalloped edge or some distressing adds character and charm and introduces a point of interest. If your bathroom isn’t overly large or a major remodel is not in the budget, small ideas like this will make a big difference.

14th Sep 2020