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Show off the downstairs cloakroom!

Your downstairs toilet, or cloakroom, might well be the smallest room in the house, but it is probably seen by more visitors and guests to your home than your main bathroom.

For many it’s a secondary space with most time and attention put into the designing and planning of the kitchen / dining area and lounge for entertaining guests, but the downstairs toilet, or cloakroom, is just as important and can be great fun to design and decorate. Rather than become a cluttered space which you would rather guests didn’t see, be proud of it and unleash your creativity!

Choose fixtures wisely

As with any bathroom space which is a little on the small side – whether main bathroom, ensuite, or cloakroom - it’s important to make sure you choose sanitaryware and furniture that is proportionate to the space available.

Firstly, a wall hung toilet is a good idea as there is no need for a cistern and instead it sits flush to the wall. With no toilet base being fixed to the floor, it provides the illusion of space. A wall hung basin has a similar effect. With no pedestal fixing to the floor it makes the footprint of the room seem larger. There are many cloakroom specific basins available which are smaller and more compact in size, but which still provide enough space for washing hands properly.

Include storage space

If the downstairs bathroom is designed to have dual purpose and house a few coats and shoes, then some clever storage is required to ensure everything has its place. Best to keep the items you only use regularly in the cloakroom otherwise it will become cluttered and lose its sense of style.

Space-saving furniture is key here. Slimline or corner units will help maximise tricky spots of the room and provide ample storage for all the usual bathroom items and door or wall hooks are perfect for hanging up the odd coat or jacket.

Select smart accessories

Towel rings or rails are more compact and space efficient than a radiator and are the perfect solution for hanging up hand towels. If you don’t have the wall space, then a basin towel rail that fixes to the bottom of the basin might be the perfect alternative and takes up minimal space.

Finishing touches for a cloakroom include a good mirror to reflect light and good lighting to make the space feel bright and airy.

Have fun with decor

The downstairs cloakroom is an ideal room for having some fun when it comes to decorating ideas. Guests will appreciate either the stylish design or quirky elements that you incorporate and as a small space, it’s not such a huge undertaking if you wish to redecorate.

Experiment with the use of bold paint colours or exciting wallpaper patterns and make them a real feature. Alternatively, mosaics or ornate patterned tiles work well. You could even create a feature wall using reflective tiles, which will bring a real sense of luxury to the space.

If the use of bold colours feels too much then white, off-whites, creams and pastels are a good choice to make the room feel more spacious. Add interest through textures and patterns, a striking picture or quirky ornament and you’ll have a room that both you and your guests will enjoy using.

26th Oct 2020