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Top tips for maximising bathroom storage space

Whether you share a bathroom with others or have an entire bathroom to yourself, today’s consumers invest in more products, both personal hygiene as well as cleaning products, than ever before!

Research has shown that, as a nation, we have less bathroom space than a decade ago and that the bathroom is viewed by many as their sanctuary – a private place to unwind and relax. With less space, more products and a desire to have an uncluttered retreat, the answer must lie in smart storage…

So, whether you are updating your existing bathroom or planning a new space, here are some of our top tips for making the most of your new scheme and, most importantly, maximising your space.

Wall niches work well for regularly used products such as shampoo and soaps in the shower or above a bath, or for special products you want to display such as perfume bottles. Best to include in the build stage which involves constructing a framed box within the wall.

Ladder shelves are a stylish but functional idea that can hold towels, storage baskets and even look good to display bathroom-friendly plants. Storage baskets are ideal for toiletries as well as for bath toys.

Hooks can be used in various ways. Door or wall hooks are perfect for hanging up dressing gowns or keeping towels up off the floor. S-hooks can be hung from ladder shelves – perfect for loofahs or smaller containers, whilst the back of some cabinet doors can take hooks to hang brushes, combs, tweezers etc

Floating shelves work well visually. Revealing as much of the floor space as possible gives the idea of a larger room so wall mounted storage is increasingly popular for more compact spaces. Look for areas to add in extra shelf space without taking away from the overall look – for example, a shelf above the door for items not used often or a shelf between basin and mirror for toothbrush holder or make-up brush holder.

Modular storage units such as a linen cupboard, freestanding vanity unit or chest with deep drawers can create a stylish look in those bathrooms with more floor space – fabulous for storing everything from towels to toiletries, linens to loo rolls, conditioner to cleaning products.

Drawer dividers are a great option when it comes to fitting more in the drawers – whether plastic, leather or fabric, drawer dividers are a great way to keep items organised. They can also be custom made to fit your specific drawers or belongings.

Mirrored cabinets are ideal as they provide both a mirror and a space for storage as well as creating an illusion of space - essential when it comes to creating a clutter free bathroom. A designer-styled mirror cabinet can also add the wow factor and become the focal point of any bathroom.

Baskets can be useful, and often attractive, containers for storing bathroom items. Maybe you have space on top of your toilet cistern for a small basket of toiletries or reading material. Maybe there is just enough space alongside your toilet to house loo rolls and bleach, or perhaps a few different sized baskets could be used inside cabinets or on shelves to keep toiletries or cleaning materials organised – making it far easier to find things quickly.

21st Jan 2020