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Mindful Living

While the actual refurbishment or installation of a new bathroom may not be top of mind during these unprecedented times, many of us have more time than usual on our hands which could be put to good use, amongst other things, to research a future bathroom project.

One thing is for sure, our sense of “normal” will have shifted and our need to look after our mental as well as physical being will be as important, if not more so, than ever before. Mindful living will play a more central role and should be incorporated into our everyday lives. So how can we apply this to our lives at home each day?

While a little stress can be a good thing to get us going, too much can have a negative effect on our well being and lead to things like habitual worrying or even anxiety and depression. Being mindful has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and to improve sleep. It is important, therefore, that our homes help promote this. Health professionals and experts recommend creating a dedicated sanctuary – a space without interruptions or distractions from technology or family members – and a bathroom is the perfect place to do this.

When designing or planning a bathroom think of it as a space to relax and unwind as well as having a purely functional purpose. Pick sanitaryware that is beautiful as well as practical and consider the main senses - sight, sound, smell and touch – at every step. Lighting is key to create the right mood and should include ambience and task lighting on dimmable switches. Whether you prefer soft curves or minimalist lines, wall-hung furniture and toilets create a more clutter-free environment and free up floor space.

As clutter is usually seen as being negative, removing it or hiding it away is a simple step towards a sense of wellbeing. Get rid of things that you don’t need and focus on the items in the bathroom that you need and use regularly. This doesn’t mean having a sterile and clinical bathroom just one that doesn’t overwhelm. Wall niches, floating shelves, hooks, mirrored cabinets, baskets and modular storage units are great ways to achieve this.

Colour can also play an important role. Shades of blue and green are generally considered more calming so are often chosen for paint, tiles or accessories. Being surrounded by nature is another way to enhance wellbeing so including greenery and plants connects the inside and outside, helping us switch off from daily stresses. Scented candles, serene or botanical pictures, soft fabrics and the facility to play music are the finishing touches required to create your personal oasis - a place to recharge your batteries and become more mindful and relaxed.

17th Apr 2020