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How to create your very own hotel-style bathroom

We may not be able to go away and spend time relaxing and being pampered in a hotel right now but one thing we can do is sit at home and plan how to bring a touch of hotel luxury and elegance to our own homes.

For most of us, the first thing we do when checking out the hotel room is to flop onto the bed. The next move is to have a good look round the en-suite. While some hotels still prefer a clinical no-frills bathroom, most hotel bathrooms today manage to combine the perfect blend of simplicity and style and, of course, feel luxurious.

How best to create your own hotel-style bathroom?

Choose durable materials: The materials used in your bathroom are vitally important. Glazed titanium-steel is used in hotel bathrooms for a host of reasons. Most importantly though, it is easy to clean and therefore stays looking great for years. Invest in the best and most durable materials possible.

Coordinate carefully: There is no better way for your bathroom to exude luxury than by making sure it looks well put together and well thought out. It is important to choose sanitaryware items that have the same glaze quality and that the shade of white is the same across each piece. It is important to establish this prior to purchase as you may not find out if there is an issue until after they have been installed. This will result in a harmonised space, with a more spacious feel.

Double check sizes: It is important to make the most of the space you have available, but this can be difficult in small en-suites, bathrooms with sloping ceilings, converted lofts, or unusually shaped rooms. Many bathroom designs fall apart as homeowners try to fit standard items into more challenging spaces. Ask. There are various sanitaryware manufacturers who offer a range of smaller sizes and can even create bespoke sized pieces for you.

Use lighting cleverly: Hotel bathrooms focus on creating the right mood through clever lighting. Light bathroom mirrors evenly on either side to limit shadows. Introduce recessed LED lights in alcoves or behind panels for low-light effects. Design shelf space near or around the bath to create the relaxing candlelit bath at the end of a busy day or even consider low level floor spotlights on a dimmer to add more atmosphere.

Maximise marble: Stylish, elegant and a sought-after stone, marble provides a luxurious feel and adds glamour to any living space making it a timeless and classic choice for bathrooms. Introduce marble accessories such as a trinket tray, toothbrush holder or beaker which will transform the look from average to elegant quickly and easily.

Top-off with towels: One of the most special moments stepping out of a hotel bath or shower is wrapping yourself in a fluffy, thick towel! Treat yourself to a superb set of soft towels, ideally Egyptian cotton and white. If white towels are too much of a practical worry, simply ensure bath towels, hand towels and bathmat match. Position a heated radiator directly opposite the bath or shower opening so that the towels are warm when you most need them.

26th May 2020