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Think thoroughly through redesign before purchase

Redesigning or refurbishing a bathroom is generally considered to be far more straightforward than undertaking a kitchen project. It is. However, that doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t put plenty of thought into the planning and design of your bathroom before you rush out and start purchasing your dream bath or favourite vanity unit.

An efficient and well-thought-through bathroom is key to any home and considering all elements of the redesign before you begin will ensure a successful result and make the process as stress-free as possible.

First start by looking at the layout – if there’s an opportunity to remodel, now is the time to do it. Re-appraise bathroom fixtures and fittings as these have moved on quite a way over the last few years in terms of choice, size, shape and material. Then decide which elements within the bathroom are most important to you and apportion the space accordingly.

Visualising the finished space before starting is always useful. Think about where natural light comes into the room, can you move around the space easily and is it practical? Can you turn the shower on before getting in? Is there plenty of storage space and within easy reach? Can you grab a towel easily when getting out of the bath or shower?

Next, assess your home’s water pressure so that any fixtures you choose are compatible. There are many low-pressure options available or you can consider increasing the pressure by adding a pump. The temperature in a bathroom is also worth thinking about – warm, but not too hot. If budget allows, think about installing underfloor heating as this is controllable and its continuous heat helps keep moisture and mould at bay. A good extractor fan will also help manage and control levels of humidity within your bathroom … so one not to be left off the list!

Now it’s finally time to start selecting your bathroom items. Start with the larger items or the ones that are most important to you as these will set the tone and style for the rest of the room. Matching bathroom suites are no longer necessary – mixing and matching from different sources and ranges helps create a more individual look and feel as long as items chosen are the same style ie. contemporary or traditional. However, do try and keep brassware the same throughout, for example, copper, chrome or black matt.

When it comes to choosing tiles, invest in good-quality tiles but fewer of them. If you tile a bathroom from floor to ceiling the room can feel rather clinical. Tile the “wet” areas - above a basin, inside a shower - and then paint the remaining walls for a softer, warmer feel.

Finally, lighting. Include general lighting in the ceiling for everyday tasks such as putting on make-up and shaving and, if budget allows, add more flattering lighting around a mirror and possibly subdued, low-level lighting for night-time usage. Taking the above into account will ensure that everything is compatible both in terms of function and style, leaving you to relax and enjoy your newly created sanctuary.

23rd Mar 2020