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Best of the basins

No bathroom is complete without its basin. As a key component of any bathroom, whether main , en-suite or cloakroom, the basin is no less important than the toilet, bath or shower and should be given the dutiful consideration it deserves – after all, it gets used multiple times a day by everyone in the household.

While basins are generally sold as part of a bathroom suite, there is nothing to say that you can’t buy your basin as a separate item. The basin doesn’t need to match the other fittings but do think about creating a consistent feel to pull the look together. From pedestal sinks with a retro feel to more contemporary on-trend designs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Classic wash basins

Classic-style basins are hard-wearing, look good and work well in any bathroom and, unlike most of their contemporary counterparts, only require a wall for installation. While your decision will ultimately come down to taste, it is still important to consider the size of your basin. The width, depth and height must be appropriate for the layout of your bathroom.


These are ideal for maximising space in smaller bathrooms as they can provide storage for towels and toiletries. They can be installed at the height of your choice and are more user-friendly for those with limited mobility as well as offering direct access to the drainage system.


Built-in basins have the greatest advantage in terms of storage as the accompanying vanity unit has been designed with space efficiency in mind. If your bathroom is too small, go for a corner sink.


Pedestal basins are not dissimilar to wall-mounted ones but have an additional column that is fitted beneath to hide the waste and pipework. This style has a more vintage feel but can take up more space in the bathroom. As the column does not actually support the sink, you will need to ensure that it is properly fixed to the wall.

Contemporary wash basins

Contemporary basins or bowls usually require a base unit for installation. They are available in a wider range of styles and are easy to tailor to personal taste offering a variety of shapes (oval, round, square, rectangular etc) as well as more innovative materials such as granite, marble and stone. Contemporary basins also differ in terms of their tap fittings which generally feature a single or dual mixer tap on the countertop behind the basin, while classic models typically incorporate the taps into the basin itself.


Counter-Top basins require the use of a vanity unit or an existing countertop. Composed of a single unit, these basins are easy to install and lend a modern and minimalistic look to your bathroom. As there are no joints to seal, a counter-top basin is watertight and easy to clean.


Inset or semi-recessed basins are integrated or part-integrated into the unit itself meaning you will have to cut into your chosen surface. More complex to install than a countertop, an inset or semi-recessed basin may or may not incorporate tap fittings.


Featuring a counter and basin crafted from the same material, integrated sinks can either be wall-mounted or fitted onto a surface. As the basin and countertop form a single unit, there is a minimal risk of water leakage.

One-piece pedestal

One-piece pedestal basins offer an unusual twist on the classic pedestal. Decidedly modern in style, their large size makes them ideal for bathrooms with room to spare. Made up of a single unit, one-piece pedestals are stylish and come in various shapes and colours.

18th May 2020