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Making the most of your bathroom budget

In an ideal world money would be no problem when it comes to renovating or refurbishing our homes. For most of us that’s a pipe dream. There is usually a figure in mind when setting out on a home improvement project and most homeowners realise that a contingency budget may also need to be called upon.

No matter how big or small the budget for your bathroom, ensuite, or cloakroom, it always pays to be clever with how you spend it. The most important things to remember are to invest in the best quality sanitaryware, flooring etc you can afford, make well-researched choices, have a couple of alternatives lined up and be clear where your priorities lie. It really is the case that early planning and careful consideration throughout will help keep the spending on track.

Invest in best quality materials possible

With homeowners moving less than in previous decades, the emphasis is more on making conscious decisions to purchase longer-lasting, higher quality products. Focusing on products, materials and finishes that stand the test of time is a wise investment. Better to spend a little more on a heating solution that won’t rust, for example, than replace a radiator or towel rail a few years down the line – a false economy.

Maintain the same layout

If possible, keep the same layout. The cost of the bathroom installation ramps up if pipework or electrics need to be altered. This can add a substantial amount to the overall labour cost whereas renewing like for like or replacing existing fittings is a far more cost-effective solution. If you do need to alter the layout, consider including a vanity to unit to hide the pipework and to provide additional storage. When choosing a new WC, try not to change the location of the soil pipe to cut down on costly alterations.

Focus on a hero item

Thinking creatively is one way to stretch a budget. Not unlike fashion, mixing high- and low-end design items together can work well. Invest in key pieces that provide a focal point, for example, if a free-standing roll-top bath is an absolute must and wow factor statement item, then opt for this and divide the remainder of the budget across the rest of the bathroom project. Another option is to choose a more unusual contemporary basin and pair it with a more conventional bath and WC – basins create a sense of luxury, drama and elegance and are used by pretty much every visitor to the bathroom.

Use tiles cleverly

Floor and wall tiles can make a big impact and come in a wide range of styles, colours, materials, and prices. Different coloured or patterned tiles are very much on trend currently and these can act as the hero element in any bathroom, ensuite, or cloakroom. If using coloured or patterned tiles throughout the space is too much or too costly, concentrate your preferred tiles behind the basin as strong colours or patterns draw the eye and create a high-end finish. Alternatively use deep coloured tiles on one wall and pair with neutrals on the other walls for a smart, expensive look.

Look for energy-efficient products

There are plenty of quality products on the market now that also save on running costs. Look for dual-fuel radiators which are ideal for that in-between weather – not quite cold enough to have heating on but you still want warm towels. Dual-flush WCs save on water usage. Many bathroom fixtures can be fitted with sensors to deliver water at set temperatures and at set times. Smart wireless systems are other money saving options that are becoming more and more popular.

16th Aug 2021