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Use of SMART technology in the bathroom

As technology evolves our homes are getting smarter and the bathroom is no exception. More efficient and more intelligent than ever before, smart appliances help save time and can often offer savings on water and energy too, all so important as the cost-of-living rises.

Using WiFi functionality, smart appliances can be operated remotely using an app on your smartphone or via voice control meaning that we’re able to spend much less time and effort as technology does the work for us.

We are now able to control our bathrooms from anywhere in the house, or even from elsewhere in the country…. or simply when lying in our beds in the next room!

Whether you're designing a new bathroom and want to integrate technology that optimises your use of the space or simply want to upgrade your morning routine and kit out your bathroom, look at our hints, tips, and recommendations below.

  • Make sure you’re happy with your WiFi signal and performance as connected appliances are only as good as the reliability of your internet provider
  • When it comes to buying smart technology, stick to one brand. This can have its advantages as appliances can “communicate” with each other via a brand-specific app

  • Make sure you do plenty of research before buying – read articles, guides and reviews and of course speak to retailers or in-store experts
  • Start by installing a free smart meter via your energy supplier to help save money – useful throughout the home rather than just in your bathroom
  • Reduce waste with an automatic soap dispenser - battered plastic bottles and faulty soap pumps are a thing of the past with the new wave of automatic soap dispensers hitting the bathroom gadget market. They're sleek, an earth friendly alternative and make hand washing more hygienic.

  • Control your bath and shower from your smartphone - advances in bathroom technology has made it possible to control your bath, shower (or both) from your smartphone or (if you have Amazon's Alexa) using simple voice commands. Simple to install and utilise, it’s now easy to run a bath or shower to your precise preferences. Look for SmarTap SmartShower systems at bathroom retailers
  • Invest in a waterproof wireless speaker which allows you to stream your own playlists using Bluetooth – which of course might result in you spending far longer in the shower or bath as you sing along to your favourite tracks!
  • Contribute to a more sustainable world (and save money on bills) by investing in a stylish sensor tap. In addition to conserving water by reducing the waste from a running tap, it's a more hygienic bathroom solution.

  • Not necessarily the cheapest of smart technology upgrades, though definitely one of the bigger luxuries, consider installing a super-smart TV. If you're done with balancing your laptop on the toilet seat, a super-smart slimline TV is water resistant, and most models come with a mirror finish that allows them to blend in when not in use.

With such continual advances in technology, it looks like our bathrooms could become unrecognisable over the coming years.

21st Nov 2022