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What’s big in bathrooms in 2022? Part 2

As mentioned in our previous blog, home interior design trends are a constantly moving feast. Bathrooms are worth a makeover just as much as bedrooms, living spaces and kitchens and with a little effort can easily be brought up to date in line with current trends.

With many homes having more than one bathroom space, there is plenty of opportunity to be inspired and for the bathroom to be transformed. Spending more and more time at home has meant an increased focus on our own homes. Whilst bathrooms, of course, must be a practical space for everyday routines, it has become more and more important to ensure that these spaces also serve as a retreat; a place to relax and escape the worries of everyday life.

In the first part of our ‘What’s big in bathrooms in 2022’ blog, Bold with Colour, Beauty of wood, Outdoors in, Customisation and Comfortable curves were highlighted. This time we focus on four more equally strong interior design trends.

Feature walls:

Clinical, white walls have been popular in bathrooms for some time. However, with colour confidence high, statement walls in bathrooms are becoming more commonplace. For those with modern bathrooms and clean lines, injecting colour, pattern, and design onto one or more walls can work well. Whether smaller alcove areas or one large wall, a splash of colour, stunning wallpaper or intricate murals adds creativity and personality to a space.

Hygienic innovation:

With high awareness around hygiene and wellbeing, both the bathroom and the kitchen are up there when it comes to focussing on easy-to-clean, antibacterial surfaces. With more and more touchless products on the market, it is now far easier to activate taps, flush toilets and switch on the mirror light using a simple swipe movement which avoids the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Go-to greens:

More than ever green is the colour of choice not only for living rooms and bedrooms but also family bathrooms, ensuites and cloakrooms. Adding green through paint, tiles, plants, or accessories is an excellent way to refresh a bathroom without overpowering it. Highly versatile, the colour green works well in modern and traditional bathrooms alike and whether your choice is emerald, sage, bottle or mint, green encourages positive wellbeing and reinforces a sense of nature.

Magnificent marble:

While the use of marble in the bathroom is nothing new, this stunning stone is more popular than ever right now in both bathrooms and kitchens. Instantly adding a luxurious feel to any space, white marble with its distinctive grey or gold veins or black marble with its sleek, contemporary finish is being installed for increased usage in shower flooring, non-shower flooring and walls. As marble is expensive, an alternative less expensive option to consider is marble effect tiles in porcelain. These will still have the opulent look and feel but at a lower price point and will be easier to clean and maintain.

28th Mar 2022