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What’s big in bathrooms in 2022? Part 1

Home interior design trends are a constantly moving feast. Wander into any showroom or retailer and you’ll immediately be aware of the latest colours and textures when it comes to our living spaces – whether that’s botanical fabrics, blush pink cabinets, brass accessories, or black decorative hardware. When it comes to interior design trends, reception rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens spring to mind, however, the bathroom is no stranger to following fashion (see December 2021 blog – Bathroom trends over time).

With many homes having more than one bathroom space, there is plenty of opportunity to be inspired and to transform. Spending more and more time at home of late has meant an increasing focus on our own homes. While bathrooms, of course, must be a practical space for everyday routines, it has become more and more important to ensure that these spaces also serve as a retreat; a place to relax and escape the worries of everyday life.

Here we capture some of this year’s trends and suggest how they can be incorporated into your own bathroom spaces.


Bathrooms are more important than ever in our homes so need to be treated as more than a bland space. Bathrooms can be as personal as any other room and deserves as much attention so customising or injecting more of a personal touch is becoming increasingly popular. Look at adding interest to taps, mirrors and showers by moving away from stainless steel, chrome and white. Matt black, gunmetal and brushed brass are stunning finishes and offer greater scope for creativity.

Comforting curves:

In line with the need to create a retreat environment is the trend for curves. Comfortable for both the eye and the body, curves take their inspiration from nature and encourage a relaxed, restorative response. Whether basins, mirrors above, or free-standing baths, curved sanitaryware softens the angles found in the rest of the room.

Beauty of wood:

Continuing with the need to create a more spa-like retreat and embrace sustainability, natural wood products provide the perfect feel and finish. Reminiscent of luxury spas and Japanese bathing rituals, introducing slatted wood panels, wood effect vanity basins, hand-crafted furniture or simple wooden accessories adds natural warmth to the space.

Outdoors in:

Bringing the outdoors in has been around for a little while but is still very much on trend as it continues to introduce the refreshing and revitalising aspects of nature indoors. Having spent a lot of time outdoors recently and realising the benefit of nature, it’s no wonder that this look is here to stay. Potted plants, flamboyant botanical wallpaper and green tiles are easy ways to inject that natural sense of harmony.

Bold with colour:

At the opposite end of the spectrum to the natural wood and spa-like neutral tones, is the general trend for bold colours as we become more comfortable with embracing braver and bolder colours and designs. Colour in the bathroom is now becoming as prominent as rooms in the rest of the house with the main source of colour being tiles, brassware, and ceramics. Avocado green and whisper pink which were popular in the 80s and 90s, are definitely out, however stronger, bolder coloured ceramic basins and loos certainly make a statement.

14th Mar 2022