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Key ingredients for creating an art-deco bathroom.

If glamour, luxury, and symmetrical designs appeal to you, then it is highly likely you like all things Art-Deco. Characterised by rich colours, bold geometry and decadent detailed work, Art Deco style reached the height of its popularity in the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s and is still very much on trend when it comes to interiors today.

The bathroom is no exception. We may not be able to go away and spend time relaxing and being pampered in hotels with elegant ensuites and spas right now, but one thing we can do is bring a touch of the Roaring ‘20s to our own homes. Art Deco styling is not exclusive to those living in older properties, it can look just as stunning in newer builds.

From vintage junk shop chic to elegant styling, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to designing an art deco bathroom. Creating an authentic look can require a bit of patience as coordinating pieces and accessories with that perfect art deco feel is key. However, whether your want to just add a few touches or totally revamp to reflect the era, it can be done.

A monochrome colour scheme using contrasting black and white is most synonymous with the art deco period. Despite being classic colours, they are still contemporary and, as most bathroom suites are white, are easy to work with. Stronger colours can be introduced through accessories such as towels and lighting. Other popular art deco colour schemes include dark blue and white or green and gold.

When it comes to furniture and fittings, look for pedestal basins, toilets or bathroom suites that are square or angular in shape and make sure that the taps are angular or rectangular in design too which will add the all-important glamorous feel.

Geometric designs and bold patterns are key to achieving an art deco look and there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate both through tiles, walls, and floors. Black and white tiles, on either the floor or walls instantly shout art deco. For that extra glitz and glamour add metallic or shiny mosaic tiles to smaller areas such as inside the shower or around the basin. Wallpaper can often be forgotten when it comes to bathrooms, however, on a feature wall away from the wet areas, a suitable wallpaper can create a bold statement – especially if geometric in design.

Finishing touches are key to the overall art deco look. No art deco bathroom would look complete without a glamorous wall mirror, or maybe two. Mirrors help add light in smaller rooms in the house such as hallways, cloakrooms, and bathrooms. Choose a bevelled or angular mirror to keep the style consistent. Next install an art deco styled light. Finally choose bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holder, soap dish and towel ring to complete the look. Look for frosted glass or a chrome finish and keep them angular in shape to tie in with the rest of the scheme.

18th Jan 2021