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Top Tips For Taps

Whether designing a brand-new bathroom or revamping your current bathroom, understandably the focus is on choosing the bigger items such as the bathroom suite, furniture, mirrors, and cabinets. However, one of the smaller items that can make a real difference to the overall look and feel of the room is taps.

Taps are key and can have a huge effect on the finished product, both visually and practically. It is quite amazing the impact simply updating your bathroom taps can have. Tap design has moved a long way over recent years and your choice of tap is vast from contemporary single mixers to more traditional pillar designs with separate spouts for hot and cold water and industrial-style wall-mounted ones for countertop basins. As you would expect, with the advancement of technology, today, hi-tech models with clever dials to adjust the temperature are also becoming more and more popular.

Practical considerations first. Check the level of water pressure available in your home. Many taps are designed for certain pressure levels and will not work properly if the water pressure is not high enough. To save time and money and to ensure you have a steady water flow, make sure you get a plumber to confirm the water pressure of your bathroom before you start your search.

To help you get underway, below are the key things to consider:


Gone are the days of chrome taps or chrome taps! There is now an impressive choice of metal finishes on offer, from brushed brass, copper or matt black to brushed chrome, satin and matt white. There really is a tap out there to suit any décor.


It is important to bear in mind the other elements of your bathroom such as towel rails, shelf brackets and loo roll holder. Your choice of taps needs to work with the other brassware too so try to ensure shapes and finishes match. If you plan on mixing and matching, stick to the same shape so that there’s some cohesion.


Consider what type of handle will suit your household. Traditional turning mechanisms are still popular though aren’t ideal for those who struggle with hand strength. More modern lever styles are more suitable for easy use however tend to be more contemporary in style.


Basin taps, and bath taps are probably the most used taps and are generally available in the following styles. Pillar taps are perhaps the most traditional, consisting of two separate hot and cold-water taps. They go hand in hand with two tap hole basins and are simple and easy to use.

Mixer taps have undergone a huge surge in popularity in the last few years as they allow for the perfect temperature combination in one water flow. They are used with one tap hole basins and are a great option for bathrooms that are short on space.

Wall-mounted taps are contactless with the basin and add a modern, contemporary look to any bathroom. If you want to go all out for a glamorous spa-feel, invest in a waterfall tap where the water flows down a channel, creating a mini water feature into the basin.

Bath/shower mixing taps are a great choice for those who want a shower above the bath. The showerhead can be placed on top of the mixer tap for a traditional look or hung on a wall bracket for those who prefer a more contemporary style and hands-free showering experience. Bath shower mixer taps can create a big impression with a simple touch.


Like everything, taps can vary enormously in price. You can find a monobloc tap in matt black for around £200, but if you want a designer-inspired wall-mounted fixture be prepared to pay £1,000 plus. Shop around – sometimes it’s better value to buy a complete brassware set than buying items individually.

And finally, one good thing about taps is that they don’t require any special treatment when it comes to cleaning. Keep away from harsh, abrasive cleaners which will scratch – simply rinse down with warm soapy water and give them a quick polish with a soft dry cloth for that perfect shine.

31st Jan 2022