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The seemingly small things in life really can make a difference – this is certainly true when it comes to choosing fixtures & fittings in your bathroom. When it comes to taps, shower heads and handles, there are the classic finishes that are guaranteed to look good but there are also some major new trends which can look equally as stunning.

What Fixtures And Fittings Should I Choose?

You’ve chosen both the style and colour of your bathroom, but one thing that can really make a difference and provide your bathroom with a touch of luxury and glamour is your choice of fixtures and fittings. Today there are more and more finish options available. In recent years gold and bronze have made a come-back, now it’s the turn of rose-gold, matte black and bronze tones.


Chrome is the most common, and probably the most popular, it works well with all styles of homes. It is inexpensive and easy to maintain. It can show water spots and fingerprints, a regular wipe over should solve this issue.


Copper is unmistakable and bold. It gives the bathroom a rich feeling, especially when mixed with a more subtle material, such as marble. It also has natural antibacterial properties and develops a beautiful sheen over time, though it may require a little more maintenance than some of the other finishes.

Satin Or Brushed Nickel

Finish-wise, both satin and brushed nickel remain extremely popular. Satin nickel is a matte finish achieved by a chemical process which doesn’t involve brushing, whereas brushed nickel is brushed with a tool to give the metal a matte finish with fine brush marks following the same direction. Both are easy to maintain and keep clean and are less likely to show water spots.

Matte Black

Matte black stands out against stark white and complements charcoal veins in marble and works well with other black accessories. Matte black taps and shower fixtures add a dramatic finish to your bathroom and create a strong impression in contemporary, classic or traditional bathrooms. Regular cleaning is required otherwise water spots will appear.

Rose Gold

Rose gold exudes all things feminine with its lush pink hues. Rose gold fixtures & fittings work well with most colour palettes as well as having the ability to add that much needed splash of luxury, glamour and warmth. Like most other finishes rose gold needs to be cleaned regularly to minimise fingerprints and water spotting.