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Bathrooms come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s often really difficult to reach a clear view on the differences in quality between the ranges available from different retailers.

After choosing the perfect style, the next decision is what level of quality you require. We have broken these down into four options: Entry, Entry Plus, Mid Range & Premium. Here we explain more about the quality levels and what they mean in terms of bathroom suites & components.

Our experts have assessed the quality of each of the products available from the leading retailers and for each bathroom we have awarded them a star rating, with one star for Entry Level, two for Entry Level Plus, three for Mid-Range Quality and four starts for Premium Quality.


If you’re looking for a price entry bathroom range, then this is probably the option for you. An Entry-level bathroom range will tend to have a lower product guarantee period (often less than five years) and the toilet and basin will probably be made from Ceramic rather than Vitreous China. The toilet flush mechanism is likely to be un-branded, the toilet seat will be made of plastic and not soft-close and the thickness of the material for the bath is likely to be 4mm as opposed to 5mm or 6mm.